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Alimentation boosting varivolt Glasswork, départ varivolt boosting braid boosting electrode clamp boosting electrode cables

Products and equipement for glass industry

Since years, E.ITEC® has been designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing products and equipement for the galss industry:

  • Hollow glass and packaging glass ;
  • Float glass ;
  • Glass fibre for glass mat and glass cloth ;
  • Fibreglass for thermal insulation ;
  • Specific glasses ;
  • Refractories and electrocast ceramics ...

Electric boosting for glass furnaces

E.ITEC® designs, manufactures, supplies and installs complete electric boosting systems for glass furnaces.

E.ITEC®'s supply includes:

  • the flexible connections to the transformer;
  • the main bus ducts;
  • the connections to the electrodes (by insulated braids, laminates or cables);
  • the electrodes clamps;
  • related optional accessories as disconnectors, current transformers, electrode hangers, supports for flexible connections and bus ducts ...

The design is made after a visit at site (if possible) in order to optimize the layout and the electrical efficiency and to adapt the boosting system to the glass furnace environment.